Title: Chocolate Brownie Cake

Description:Yeah, today mom will prepare her kids favorite dessert Chocolate Brownie Cake. Yummy right? But hush, she want surprise them. They playing outdoor with their friend and any moment they can come back home. So act quickly and help mom to prepare her child favorite dessert Chocolate Brownie Cake. First make sure that you have all ingredient and tools in the kitchen. Preparation of Chocolate Brownie Cake begins with chocolate mixture. To prepare chocolate mixture head hot stock pot on stove on medium flame. Add butter, chocolate pieces, sugar and golden syrup in to stock pot and blend it nicely. Bland two eggs in electric blender, add vanilla, chocolate mixture, baking powder. All together put in the oven. For yummy chocolate glaze mix butter and chopped chocolate. Finally finest part decoration and your cake is ready for serving. Easy to prepare but very yummy, start to play and have a lot of fun!

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Chocolate Brownie Cake

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