Title: Alfajores

Description:As always, we will prepare delicious dessert for you. When I try this recipe I thought it will be good idea to share with you. Itís the most popular desert in Spain especially between small children. Do you know for which dessert I am talking about? Alfajores!!! Yes that is that tasty dessert made out of cookies and fruit filling. Yuppie! Mother is out and our three fellas are hungry, that why they decided to prepare a delicious dessert Alfajores. It is their favorite cookie flavor. First of all, they will need all necessary ingredient and tools. But that maybe will be problem because they may be placed in the kitchen where their hands may not reach. For that they will need your assistance. When you will have all ingredients on your kitchen table, follow the instruction and step by step prepare this yummy dessert for out cute fellas. Use your mouse to click on the ingredients and complete recipe.

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